Email delivery compliance guide for Event Organizers 

How to make sure you comply with the new Google & Yahoo requirements?

STARTING IN FEBRUARY, 2024, authentication requirements to send email to Gmail and Yahoo have changed to require DMARC, if you have ever sent more than 5,000 messages in a single day. Without alignment, starting in April, messages will be rejected. Learn more at Google's FAQ here. 

Krowden is here to guide you through what you or your IT team need to do make sure your event marketing, event registration emails keep landing in your event attendees their inbox!

What are the new Gmail email sending guideline?

Rules for email sending have sharpened, specially for bulk sending (5000 emails and more per day). So imagine you are sending out your Save-The-Date and get blocked by google or yahoo from sending emails. The worst nightmare of an event organiser and any company! 

If you send more than 5,000 messages per day to Gmail accounts, follow the Requirements for sending 5,000 or more messages per day:

  • Set up SPF email authentication for your sending domains.
  • Setup DKIM email authentication for your sending domains.
  • Setup dmarc with a reject policy.
  • Ensure that sending domains or IPs have valid forward and reverse DNS records, also referred to as PTR records. Learn more
  • Use a TLS connection for transmitting email. For steps to set up TLS in Google Workspace, visit Require a secure connection for email.
  • Keep spam rates reported in Postmaster Tools below 0.3%. Learn more about spam rates
  • Format messages according to the Internet Message Format standard, RFC 5322.
  • Don’t impersonate Gmail From: headers. Gmail will begin using a DMARC quarantine enforcement policy, and impersonating Gmail From: headers might impact your email delivery.
  • If you manage a forwarding service, including mailing lists or inbound gateways, add ARC headers to outgoing email. ARC headers indicate the message was forwarded and identify you as the forwarder. Mailing list senders should also add a List-id: header, which specifies the mailing list, to outgoing messages.

How do you check if you are doing correct?

After implementing those changes, the best way to find out if all is correct is by testing and after that monitoring. At Krowden we use monitor email delivery, dmarc reports and spam reports very actively so that all emails our organizers send are keep being landed in the inbox. Here are some tools that help you test if you comply with the new email requirements from Google and Yahoo:

For Testing

    You can send a test email to an email address provider by this website and then check their reports. If you score above 9, you are doing a good job. Krowden emails that are being send out to event attendees score a 9.5.
    Here you can enter your domain name and check if Dmarc is correctly set.
Krowden Spam Test Results on Mail Tester

For Monitoring & email delivery

    To monitor Dmarc reports and notifications.
    Our magic email delivery provider is Sendgrid (Twilio) which makes sure email delivery is tracked.
  3. Krowden Email History Export
    In Krowden you can export your email history and we’ll show you a report of all emails sent out and if not delivered what is the reason. Most of the time it spelling mistakes in emails. 

How is the email delivery of Krowden?

At Krowden we have implemented any instrument you can think of to make sure email you sent out to your event-attendees lands in the inbox. We work with professional email delivery tools to deliver over 100.000 of emails monthly. If you like to learn how our dmarc, spf records and so on are set up, feel free to use domain as an example in the testing tools and copy our setups.

Most of it comes to logical thinking and good practice, here are some tips & tricks to avoid getting your emails being seen as spammy: How to make people react to your emails.

If you need any help with getting your emails in the inbox of your event attendees, just let us know, we are here to help, even if you are not our customer! We love people and we love helping out. Book a Call with our team.

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