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This is Krowden

Krowden came up with something smart & simple. We let your attendees get to know other attendees, even before an event takes place. That’s where the magic happens. The right people finding each other exactly at the right place and time.

So, they connect, learn, grow and keep growing. As humans, as professionals, as businesses.

This is our brand.

  • Founded in 2014 under the name NetworkTables
  • Global presence in 41+ countries
  • Privately held, no investors
  • Recognized with 4 international awards
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Matthijs Otto, CEO & Founder

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‘We make magic happen’

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Always-On Events

First it was live, then there were online events, next a pivot to hybrid. Now more and more organizers are setting up "Always-On Events". Just how virtual events took over the world, always-on events are here to advance events to the on-demand future for modern audiences. Join the movement on
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April 18, 2023

Virtual Meetings & Conferences

We interviewed Matthijs Otto about virtual meetings and conferences. Matthijs shared his ideas on the importance of virtual meetings, its difference from traditional meetings and impacts on them. He also explained reasons why event business should consider online meeting and the technologies involved.
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April 18, 2023

Why the hell I founded

3 years ago an event-organizer came to us with a huge problem: 'how to get attendees seat themselves at tables with the right people?' and asked us to build the solution for it. She told us making seating arrangements was a big nightmare because she manually needed to match & manage all the delegates their expectations. Free seating was no option because then attendees would go for an easy option: sit with the ones they already know. We decided not to build this, because we did not believe in it. Half a year later, we started working on a solution that we believed in; this solution became which has been growing 30% per quarter since then and helps attendees to meet the right people at events in over 34+ countries.
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April 18, 2023

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