Event Checklist: what to prepare for onsite?

Is your event in a couple of days? Our event checklist will help you with making sure that all is on point.

Note that not all of them might be applicable to your event.

What you need for onsite:

  • Directional signage. The areas should be easy to find. Also, table numbers are a MUST! Download here.
  • Keep track on the time: Clock or a LED screen with a countdown. With a text: “Next meeting round starts in…”.
  • Sound, so people know that the next meeting round is about to start. This could be a gong, a bell or music installed by AV technician.
  • Hostesses at the meeting areas. They control the meeting times, make sure people are leaving the tables in time, and guide people to the right tables. (especially at Networking Hubs). They may have printed exports or work with laptops.
  • Sometimes it’s really crowded and your meeting area is popular – make sure you have someone at the door, who’s good at keeping uninvited people out.
keep away!

keep away!

  • Print Exports
    A. Seating list: who is going/what sessions?
    B. Print-package for the table hosts. This includes info on who they are meeting, at what time and what is their motivation
    C. Session List: an overview of all sessions and empty seats
  • Ipads/Laptops
    A. Handy for you as an organizer, to assign people to meeting tables. And see the latest sessions status
    B. People can always request sessions themselves from their mobile phones; you can also install a check-in point with Ipads to let people request meetings. Read more
    C. To let people check-in for their sessions at 1on1 meetings, via an Ipad Read more
  • Email your 1on1 meeting hosts to inform that they can check-in their meeting attendees via phones – to track no-show during the event.
  • Session reminders
    A. SMS options:
    – an SMS with a link to their final schedule in the morning of the event
    – a notification before each session.
    B. Resend the final schedule email in the morning.


How can event organizers ensure that attendees are following the schedule and leaving tables on time?
Event organizers can ensure that attendees are following the schedule and leaving tables on time by having clear communication about the schedule, setting up reminders or alerts, and having staff members gently remind attendees when it's time to move on.

Are there any specific guidelines for using Ipads or laptops for assigning people to meeting tables?
Specific guidelines for using Ipads or laptops for assigning people to meeting tables may include ensuring that the devices are fully charged, having a reliable internet connection, and providing clear instructions on how to use the technology for table assignments.

What are some common challenges that event organizers face when implementing the suggestions in the checklist?
Some common challenges that event organizers may face when implementing the suggestions in the checklist include technical difficulties with the technology used for table assignments, attendees not adhering to the schedule, and difficulty in coordinating staff to enforce the guidelines effectively.

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