10 hot trends for awards shows & galas

Award dinners & Gala’s used to be very traditional and people don’t like that anymore. They are ‘gala tired’. So enough reason for change! Will sum up some of the trends that people see in Galas & Awards.

10. Live Streaming

With Live streaming, you can broadcast the stage or main event to multiple rooms so people in another section of the venue can participate in the action. This is a very important event tech to adopt and can be a powerful social media tool to generate leads for your next gala event.

9. Interaction:

Keep your event alive with event interaction. Get your guests and sponsors involved via online voting, polls and tweets. A great tool lots of gala and award shows are now using is called Slido.

8. Networking

Your guest receive lots of invitations yearly to galas and award shows, but they need to decide where to go. Making relevant connections is very important for galas and award shows. Bring the right people together around tables via topics with tools with NetworkTables and you can offer attendee lists and track their connections with tools like Poken or Pixmob.

7. Boosting ROI for Sponsors

You can also go a step further and bring direct leads to the companies who sponsor complete tables. Use event tech to let attendees apply to be at their tables and let the table host decide who they accept or decline on their table. If its not at the table, it can be during drinks. This is matchmaking for dinners!

6. Photo Souvenirs

360 degree cameras & 3D photo printing: Galas and award shows are now adopting cutting edge technology to create memorable gifts for their attendees. Installing 360 degree cameras at the event can record the entire experience for attendees and you can offer 3D printed photos of their teams to bring these moments to life!

5. Facial Recognition Registration

Guests expect convenience and speed when it comes to cueing and registration. Everyone hates a cues and wasting time so why don’t you speed it up using technology. New techniques like facial recognition can dramatically speed up the check in process and save your guests precious networking time.

4. VR Dining

Another trend what we recently came across was VR dining. Here my colleague and I are experiencing an italian dinner in VR. It’s a new way to taste and feel an experience but also interact with others around the table. Implementing tech like this can be an enticing way to increase the likelihood of attending.

3. Connecting Post-Event – Digital Business Cards

You’ve had a great night, a few drinks but you’ve forgotten who you’ve met. Help your attendees easily connect after the event by showing them who they met. Some tools also let them request digital business cards if they didn’t exchange a physical one.

2. Personalised Video

Personalised video invitations as a pre-event marketing tool can excite and entice attendees to register for your event. Its a personalised way to communicate directly why you are organizing this event and establish good communication from the beginning to end.

1. Online Self Table Seating

Making seating arrangements is one of the most ‘hated’ jobs for award dinner organisers. Last minute changes, unhappy people and special guests can be a nightmare. Using online seating for tables, attendees can pick their own seats and see w


How have traditional award dinners and galas changed in response to people being 'gala tired'?
In response to people being 'gala tired', traditional award dinners and galas have evolved to become more interactive and engaging. Event organizers are incorporating elements such as live entertainment, interactive activities, and unique themes to keep attendees excited and interested.

What are some other ways that technology is being used to enhance the gala and award show experience?
Technology is being used to enhance the gala and award show experience in various ways. For example, event organizers are utilizing event apps to provide attendees with real-time updates, interactive maps, and networking opportunities. Virtual reality and live streaming are also being used to give attendees a more immersive experience, even if they are unable to attend in person.

How do event organizers ensure that attendees are able to make meaningful connections and network effectively at these events?
Event organizers ensure that attendees are able to make meaningful connections and network effectively by organizing structured networking sessions, providing designated networking areas, and facilitating introductions between attendees. They may also use technology such as matchmaking algorithms in event apps to help attendees connect with others who share similar interests or goals. Additionally, organizers may host pre-event mixers or post-event follow-ups to further foster networking opportunities.

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