Event networking - do's and don'ts

Events networking – If you‘re reading this, you‘re probably quite often engaged in this activity. We have prepared a shortlist of a little bit less obvious rules to follow and hope you‘ll find them useful. If you won’t, don’t worry – there will be a part II.


Do: Prepare for the event.

Preparation is the key. You’re the key master. Check your schedule, see who‘s attending and decide who you would like to focus on. It’s super easy through Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) – open the email, click the link, check what’s and who‘s up! You can do some (social media) research additionally. Did the person of your interest go to Bhutan recently? Huh? You also went to Bhutan recently?! Here you go.

Don’t: Joke about religion, politics, stereotypes, and sex.

Sense of humor is important, you‘ll be positively associated and instantly liked if you can make people smile. This is a double-edged sword, offend someone accidentally and they won’t do business with you. Not mentioning any of the above is a safe game, no harm done – unless you really want to try!

Do: Put some attention into your handshake.

Are your hands sweaty? Are you sure your hand doesn’t feel like a flappy bird? Besides saying “Hi, it’s me”, drinking water and asking for business cards, a handshake will be the most repeated action throughout your networking event. It’s important, people will judge you on that.

Don’t: Sell yourself too much.

Don’t throw the money directly on the table. Try making some friends. Give people time to know you and give yourself time to know the person. Maybe you actually don’t want to do business with them? Be patient, recognize the moment. Treat people like human beings.

Do: Identify your personal strategy and set appropriate goals.

Yes, you can do this with networking too. “I‘ll get 10 business cards tonight”, “I‘ll find at least 2 potential business partners who focus on similar demographics”, “I will find at least 2 prospective clients and schedule follow-up meetings”, etc. Ticking off goals feels very rewarding, make it fun!

Don’t: Get too drunk!

There are always drinks included. Having drinks is more than socially acceptable but some after-drinks behaviors are definitely not. Limit yourself to 2-3 drinks to get slightly relaxed. Drunk you will do things that the sober you won’t remember but will probably regret.


How can someone effectively prepare for an event using Krowden (formerly NetworkTables)?
Someone can effectively prepare for an event using Krowden by creating a profile, setting networking goals, researching other attendees, and scheduling meetings or sessions with potential connections.

What are some examples of appropriate personal networking goals to set for an event?
Some examples of appropriate personal networking goals to set for an event include meeting a certain number of new people, exchanging contact information with key industry professionals, and learning about new trends or developments in the field.

How can someone strike a balance between being friendly and not overselling themselves at a networking event?
Someone can strike a balance between being friendly and not overselling themselves at a networking event by focusing on building genuine connections, listening actively to others, and offering help or support without expecting immediate returns. It's important to be authentic and approachable while also showcasing your skills and expertise in a subtle manner.

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