Networking: how to bring the right people together at events

At The Meeting Show: Networking: how to bring the right people together at events Querine hosted a 20 minute campfire session. You know how hard it is to find the right people at an event, once you find them, they might be busy. You think you will come back, but actually never did. The day after you feel like you spoke with a lot of people but not the relevant ones. This session we will share tips & tricks to help your delegates/attendees and sponsors meeting the right people.

Tips: How do you prepare as attendee for an event?

  1. Check what kind of tools the event organizer offers and when it will be ready to use
  2. Request the attendee list
  3. Contact the people you want to meet from the attendee list in advance. Exchange basic introduction pre event and discuss a real case onsite to save your valued time at the event.
  4. No email address? Use a tool like  to find them online for you.
  5. Ask the organisation to connect you in person with the right people
  6. Wear something to stand out of the crowd. It helps people to remember you.
  7. Always bring your business cards & once you met schedule a follow up right away!

Tips: How to help your attendees meeting the right people?

  1. Offer event tech to connect pre event.
  2. Give insights who is joining the event & where you can meet them at what time.
  3. Provide tools that work well for people that only come for half of the event  (morning programme). This tool should guarantee that they can meet people in a very efficient way. Time is limited.
  4. Offer a mix of facilitated meetings in structured way & informal get togethers for spontaneous meetings.
  5. Create different concepts in your event where different parties come together: such as hosted buyer meets seller, peers meet peers,  attendees with challenge meet experts with solution, in concepts of 1on1’s, groups, dinners etc.

Interested how you can help your attendees finding the right people at events? Schedule a free 30 min advice call with Matthijs via this link or send him an email:

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