Hybrid events: top tips on how to organize hybrid award shows

Award shows are all about bribing people together to showcase the best in the industry. Behind the scenes, it’s also a great place to network informally.

How to Prepare for a Hybrid Award Show

The best way to keep the dynamic atmosphere of an award show is to organize both physical/virtual events live at the same time – as opposed to different shows for those in the audience and those at home. This keeps the momentum of the event alive. For this, event organizers need to ensure the physical event streams simultaneously to the people at home.

“Recreating the live experience is the only way attendees still turn up – they always want to feel the connection of people around them, even if some are calling in virtually.” Says Matthijs Otto, Founder of Krowden (formerly NetworkTables).

It’s still good practice to always try and get your nominees in person. However, set up an audience screen so that virtual winners can claim their prize by simply switching to their display.

Remember: run your physical and virtual stream at the same time.

At a traditional award show, guests buy a table looking to sit with interesting people and have a relaxed evening. However, the only time people get to really mingle is before and after – when the drinking starts. Organizers can take advantage of this with ice-breaker tables. Before the show starts, attendees sit with different groups of people for a short time, creating more table interaction and socializing before attendees switch to their assigned seats for the main event.

An Example Hybrid Award Show Schedule:

> 17:00 – 17:30 Welcome reception (30 min).

> 17:30 – 18:00 Mixed ice-breaker tables (30 min).

> 18:00 – 19:30 Main award show (90 min).

> 19:30 – 21:00 After drinks and mingle (90 min).

Setting up Roundtables Ahead of Time with Tools

Previously, setting up a hybrid award shows with many virtual table rooms involved lots of technical issues with Zoom and group video calls alongside streaming. We’ve found it more efficient utilising integrated roundtable tools that simultaneously show the stream. Not only can guests watch along together but afterwards they often continue with games, quizzes and drinks as the event comes to a close.

For example here is how an award show took advantage of roundtable software solutions:

  1. How the Scottish Music Awards Made Online Feel Like In-Person.

The Gap Between Physical and Virtual Award Shows

Overall the perceived problem with online awards show is one of atmosphere. Watching at home doesn’t capture the magic of actually being at an event.

Recreating the live experience comes from connecting small groups of virtual tables with the physical attendees – with everyone is watching together. The solo stream at home is no fun. But a fun community experience where people can interact with others wherever they are is the key to running hybrid award shows.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to run Hybrid events, check out this article for more.

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