Online events: ideas for virtual team building events

Being Around the Table

With more people out of the office and half the team remote working, the in-person magic is hard to recreate. For team-building events, it’s important to try and capture that feeling of togetherness.

On the surface, online events can’t compete with the real thing. A lot of platforms offer simplistic interfaces that you can’t do much with. However, With the advent of new tools and tech, it’s easier than ever to come up with integrated and creative team-building exercises online.

87% of remote workers feel more connected when using video conferencing. But just bringing people together isn’t enough, for true team-building you definitely need something to do at your virtual table…

Online Pub Quiz

Quizzes are a great way to engage people by bringing out their competitive side. But, take it to the next level with virtual private tables. Everyone is now watching the main screen from their virtual group table. The host streams to each team, which then breaks out into private rooms to discuss before being pulled back automatically for the answers. No cheating!

Meanwhile organise video clips, stream side-rooms and callouts all with one simple tool for your team. For example at the Scottish Music Awards, they were able to break out into impromptu team building fun and quizzes after the event with online roundtables.

These are a great way to break the ice with newer teams. We’ve found it fun with people in smaller online tables with departments they don’t normally talk to.

Remember: You can always hybridize the event between online and offline!

Online Team building Games

When it’s not possible to meet in person, you can take the gaming experience virtual.

Drawful or Quiplash are examples of fun imaginative games that can be played in groups and bring people together with witty funny answers.  

Feeling brave? With closer teams feel free to break out the karaoke or try out the multitude of online escape rooms and murder mysteries that can be 100% online.

Kahoot Online

Kahoot is a popular online quiz platform that can be played from your phone. With just a login code you’re ready to play. Even simpler with less setup – the host can either create their own line of a question or choose from the many premade games.

A host just needs to stream to as many people as they want, whether it’s a team, department or an entire company. Everyone can see the questions and answer from their phone at home. The same exciting fun, at any scale, no matter the distance.  

Hybrid Team Building

Half the team in the office? Half at home? No problem, virtual room allow some team to be at home while still connected to the in-person team. With just one screen, the host, physical teammates and virtual competitors can all be on different sides of the country all playing together.

You can use Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) to manage all parts of your online or hybrid team building event. Schedule and prepare activities, set up virtual team rooms, stream to everyone together or separately the choice is yours.


How do online team-building events compare to in-person events in terms of effectiveness and engagement?
Online team-building events can be effective in fostering collaboration and engagement among remote teams, but they may not always match the level of connection and camaraderie that in-person events can provide. Virtual events can still be engaging through interactive activities and creative approaches to building relationships.

Are there any specific challenges or limitations to consider when planning and executing virtual team-building activities?
Some challenges to consider when planning virtual team-building activities include technical issues, time zone differences, and potential distractions for remote workers. It can also be more difficult to create a sense of connection and camaraderie in a virtual setting compared to in-person interactions.

How can companies ensure that remote workers feel included and connected during online team-building events?
Companies can ensure that remote workers feel included and connected during online team-building events by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions, encouraging participation from all team members, and providing platforms for open communication and feedback. It's important to be intentional about fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork among remote workers.

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