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Startup Fest Europe was an European festival of events that helped startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or verticals). When attending F&A Next, Startup50 Gelderland, e-Commerce Live, The Next Women, The Future of High Tech or Techilicious, the chance was 64% you met a Michael or Alexander. How do we know this?

Krowden was used at 6 unique events during Startup Fest to facilitate an excellent way of networking between attendees before the event. How? Instead of making table-arrangements or connecting attendees during the events, event-managers enabled attendees to choose with whom they were meeting with at round tables, 1-on-1 tables and workshops. All schedules were set before attendees entered the doors of the events, so they could effectively start attending their pre-planned sessions and meetings. So what are the results?

Wrapping up some results
In total 3,456 attendees have booked their seats online at 582 Roundtables, 196 1-on-1 meetings and 12 breakouts within 17.5 hours of networking! All pre-defined before they were actually attending the event, knowing exactly who they would meet at which session. Instead of shaking 15 hands at an event and hoping that 5 would be interesting, on average one attendee shaked 1.5 hands since they already got introduced online. If you can skip introductions, you can focus on deals! The proof is the result from the event ‘Techilicious’, where startups and corporates dined to deal. From the 100 dinner meetings that took place, 70 balloons were pinned, which meant ‘a deal was made’. Some deals were about investments of €100,000 and higher.

Most of the times outcomes of events are not measured, pinning balloons is a very smart, creative and fun way of visibly measuring outcomes during an event. However, when you did not exchange business cards, deals will never be signed. Here is Krowden that enabled attendees to exchange online business cards 1 day after the event by sending a list of attendees they have met with to their e-mail inbox. This is how an online business card looks like:

In total 438 online business cards were exchanged, and by the time we are writing this it’s already 529. To summarize: lots of interesting insights, and we thought sharing it with you. Here are some additional numbers and the possibility to win a free ticket to Bits & Pretzels in Munchen and join an Oktoberfest Table Captain via Krowden (here is an impression of last year):

Ticket-registration facts:
57% used eventbrite
14% used paydro
14% used
14% used other ticketing services

Do you realise that the average sessions attended per person was 4.37?
Do you realise that in total 5,184 hands are shaked?

Competition Question: How many Nicole’s were there at the Startup Fest Europe events that used Krowden?

Enter the competition by sharing this article at twitter, tweeting “I think there were ….. Nicole’s at @startupfestEU @krowden events.”, the first one who answers right, wins a free ticket to Bits & Pretzels on 25-27th of September and a seat at one of the 350 Oktoberfest tables.

About NetworkTables
Meeting the right people is the most important goal of visiting an event, yet it’s the hardest thing to actually achieve. The Krowden online self-seating tool solves this pain by enabling attendees to choose whom they’re seated with at round tables, 1-on-1 meetings and workshops. In this way we help event-managers save time, increase networking experience and generate higher attendance.

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How does Krowden facilitate networking between attendees before events?
Krowden facilitates networking between attendees before events by allowing users to create profiles, connect with other attendees, and schedule meetings or discussions through the platform.

What were some of the outcomes of the networking facilitated by Krowden at Startup Fest Europe events?
Some of the outcomes of the networking facilitated by Krowden at Startup Fest Europe events included partnerships formed, collaborations initiated, and new business opportunities discovered by attendees.

How does the online business card exchange feature of Krowden work?
The online business card exchange feature of Krowden allows users to exchange contact information digitally by scanning QR codes or sharing profiles within the app, making it easier to connect and follow up with new contacts after events.

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