6 Events with great networking opportunities during StartupFest

We have made a list of 6 events with excellent networking opportunities during StartupFest because we know as a startup you can only spend your money once, so choose wisely.

StartupFest is a European festival of events that help startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or verticals) from 24 – 28 May 2016 all around The Netherlands!

Networking tips

At every event there are 5 out of 500 people that could change your life. How to find out who?

  1. Start with scanning the guestlist (check the event website / ask the event-manager for it / check facebook event / download the event app)
  2. Select 15 people you want to meet at the event & search for their pictures online
  3. Put these pictures in a word document “Smileybook”, print it and ask others if they know someone that’s on your list.

But how do you really find those people? You need to know who is at what location at what time.

how to meet right people

The following Events facilitate this level of networking

If you go to one of the following events, you are lucky: no need for preparation! They thought about helping you out rather than throwing you in the big sea of people. They are using NetworkTables, so have excellent networking opportunities.

F&A Next, 26th of May, Wageningen
facilitates networking by investor lunch tables (13:00) and 1on1 dates with investors (2 rounds).
Price: €150,00 | Attendees expected: 500 | view sessions

Future of High Tech, 25th of May, Enschede
facilitates 6 hours of 1on1 meetings between investors & startups and a number of breakout sessions.
Price: €181,50 |  Attendees expected: 450 | view sessions

Startup50, 25th of May, Gelderland, Arnhem
facilitates roundtable sessions with startups as table hosts, 10 tables, 3 rounds, 120 seats available.
Price: free. | Attendees expected: | view sessions

The Next Women, 23th of May, Amsterdam
facilitates 3 hours of 1on1 meetings between startups & investors.
Price: €95,00| Attendees expected: 500 | view sessions

Get in The Ring Speeddating, 10th of May, Rotterdam
facilitates 3 hours of 1on1 meetings between startups & corporates like KLM, Last time they realized 229 Speeddates within 3 hours and 246 connections.
Price: free. | Attendees expected: 150 | view sessions

Techilicious, 25th of May, Delft
facilitates roundtable sessions between startups & corporates, 40 tables and 2 rounds, this is where startups dine to close deal!
Price: closed event | Attendees expected: 200 (50 startups, 50 corporates) | view sessions

How it works

Meeting the right people at the right tables is what you want at events. This could be quite a big challenge for event managers, that spent loads of time on seating arrangements, all for one target; to make you happy. However, hard work not always pays off, if you have 100+ attendees to seat, there is always 30% not happy with their table. Remember being seated? Not anymore! The Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) online table seating solution helps event managers saving time, they sent you a link per email which leads you to an overview of all dinner/lunch/expert session tables and shows you who is already seated at which tables and you can take a seat at tables you prefer. It’s as easy as taking a seat in an airplane. This enables you to take a seat at the right table with the right people. If you are hosting a table, you will be sure that people chosen for your table, are interested in your topic, instead of people getting drunk or fel asleep because they ended up being seated at the wrong table.

1on1 meetings
How many meetings do you normally have planned at events? Maybe 5 maximum. With Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) 1on1 seating solution, you can either host a 1on1 table or attend 1on1 tables. If you are on the attending side, you receive a link up to 2-3 weeks before the event to start requesting meetings with 1on1 table hosts. If you are hosting a table, you simply receive requests and can accept/decline the requests which include name, company, job title and motivation. When all matches are made, 1-2 days before the event, the system closes and an algoritm generates a personalized time-schedule of dates for the attendees and hosts. This helps you being prepared and knowing what you get before you go to events, thus get most out of your time & money!

Workshops & breakout sessions
Remember  looking forward to a workshop but ending up for a closed door and someone telling you “sorry, this workshop is full now” ? Or ever spoke at a big stage of 200 seats and realizing only 20 people are attending? It does not make you any happy while event-managers do their god damn hard best to get the best speakers for the best audience, mostly predicting where your attendees will go to turns out the whole other way. With the Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) workshop seating solution, you can reserve your spot at the session you like, weeks before you enter the doors of the event. This enables you to create your perfect schedule and enables event-managers to get insight in which sessions are more popular than others. Event-managers can now put this popular startup founder speaker at the mainstage, in case they see that the small workshop-room of 20 people filled up within minutes and has 250 people on the reserve list. In this way you never end up in front of closed doors anymore.

Because we want to make sure every attendee of StartupFest meets the right people, we offer event organizers that are partner of StartupFest a one-time €100 discount (until 10th of may 2016). Signup here or get in touch with matthijs@krowden.com


How do event organizers determine which individuals are seated at which tables during networking events facilitated by NetworkTables?
Event organizers use the seating algorithm provided by Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) to strategically place attendees at tables based on their preferences, interests, and networking goals. This algorithm takes into account factors such as industry, job title, and networking objectives to create optimal seating arrangements.

How do attendees request and schedule 1on1 meetings with table hosts using the Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) 1on1 seating solution?
Attendees can use the Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) platform to browse through the list of table hosts, view their profiles, and send meeting requests to hosts whose expertise aligns with their interests. Once the host accepts the meeting request, attendees can schedule a 1on1 meeting with them during the event.

How do event managers use the data from Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) to determine the popularity of workshops and breakout sessions at events like StartupFest?
Event managers can analyze the data collected by NetworkTables, such as the number of attendees registered for each workshop or breakout session, the duration of time spent at each session, and feedback provided by participants. By examining this data, event managers can determine the popularity of specific sessions and make informed decisions for future events.

We don’t follow crowds, we create them.

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