My journey working at Krowden

I still remember the time I first got in touch with Matthijs, There was back and forth communication for a while (I kept insisting) little did I know he was in the hospital due to a bike injury but yet somehow managed to get back to me!

Now here I am at the end of my time with Krowden (formerly NetworkTables), and needless to say, it has been a great ride! However, one could say it is just the start, and I totally agree – nothing ever comes to an end and I’ll take what I have learnt here forward every day. From the dynamic onboarding process to the dream team buildup, until now it has not only been a memorable journey but a very action-packed one.

Surprisingly, the first time I met Matthijs, he was in full focus mode just a week after coming out from the hospital from an earlier injury. I still remember his first emails being written with one hand, due to the other being in a cast.

Krowden was the perfect fit for me, a tightly knit group of individuals making a difference in an awesome industry, it was a dream come true. My goal was always to grow alongside a company in its early stages and watch it flourish – I have been lucky enough to have that here.

The work environment is laid back, to say the least, I was able to take my own initiative, work on my own, set my tasks and implement them, the level of autonomy at the company couldn’t be found anywhere else that I know of. However, it gives the sense of individual responsibility that each person has here to make sure that everyone contributes in the best way possible. At times we even go through each other’s departments to see if we can bring or get value from each other.

But it is not always just business and work, the team certainly knows how to make the best out of the week by celebrating every Friday; what we have accomplished, and what we are proud of certainly calls for a round of beers.

Never would I have imagined that I would learn the most integral value of teamwork; empowering each other. You can often see everyone lift each other up together to achieve goals and that has been the best part of working here together.

Oh, and did I mention we all flew to the Canary Islands for a week’s retreat under the sun, basking on the beach and partying at night? Talk about team-building activities to the extreme! Speaking of the team, we could have easily come on par with the cast of ‘The Office’; Matthijs never disappoints to keep us on our feet all day work and having fun doing it, Tyler is more of the brains that keep everything intact, Igor is the mentor of the team whichever department it may be, he always has great inputs on improving it and Emily makes sure we make every moment count. Just the right balance you need for an amazing team or should I say Family!

I have been lucky enough to receive the opportunity to pursue my master’s degree, and great as it sounds, it will be hard leaving the dream team. However, I am 100% sure that, as a previous team member Querine once mentioned to me, Krowden will always remain close and I will always keep in constant touch with the company and the team.

I will be looking forward to where the future takes me and will always appreciate the support and experience I have gained during the time I was here!

P.S – Going to miss the saucijzenbroodjes for sure!


What specific lessons or skills did the author learn during their time at Krowden that they plan to take forward in their future endeavors?
During my time at Krowden, I learned the importance of effective communication, adaptability, and resilience. These skills will be invaluable in my future endeavors as I navigate different challenges and opportunities.

How did the team at Krowden manage to maintain a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, especially during challenging times like Matthijs' injury?
The team at Krowden maintained a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork by supporting each other, communicating openly, and working together to overcome obstacles. During challenging times like Matthijs' injury, everyone rallied together to ensure that he received the support he needed while also keeping the team motivated and focused on their goals.

Can the author elaborate on the dynamic onboarding process and dream team buildup mentioned in the article, and how these aspects contributed to their positive experience at Krowden?
The dynamic onboarding process at Krowden involved thorough training, mentorship, and opportunities to work closely with experienced team members. This helped me quickly integrate into the team and understand the company culture. The dream team buildup involved assembling a diverse group of individuals with complementary skills and strengths, which created a highly effective and collaborative team environment. These aspects contributed to my positive experience at Krowden by fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone could thrive and contribute their best work.

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