What is the best event community platform?

Choosing the right event community software, tools and platforms can be very hard. It’s very important to break down the type of community you are running. For example a community of for example NFT holders or Crypto people communicate over slack a like chat groups. While associations such as a finance community, startup community or an event industry community are sharing knowledge by meeting up in-person or virtually in event communities. Event communities are mostly event-led which requires pro-active members to be hosting events and an easy event community platform to facilitate that. Health communities are for example less dependent on their members taking action but more focussed on feeding their members with content such as whitepapers, abstracts, posters, articles and interviews. What type of community do you run? What community software do you need? We list 5 event community platforms and describe their main features so you can match them with your needs and find the best match.

1. Krowden AO

✔ Good for: Event Communities that include regular events both in-person and virtual. Also good to run full virtual events and in-person matchmaking. Fully customizable and can be integrated with your CRM and website. Members can also create their own smaller events, meetups (both online & offline) and chat rooms and can invite others. It’s the best platform for event organisers moving towards an all year round strategy as it has a strong focus on events.
✘ Not good for: Sharing content such as articles and passive communities
💲 Pricing: starts at €4725 a year.
🌐 Website: https://krowden.com/communities

2. Circle
✔ Good for: Communities that are focussed on chat & forums sharing content with some virtual video calling options. Need pro-active members that share content and create chat groups.
✘ Not good for: Hosting full virtual events and meetups. No matchmaking or meeting solutions.
💲 Pricing: $400 a month
🌐 Website: https://circle.so/

3. Hivebrite

✔ Good for: Job boards and non-profit organizations as it has a donation feature. Also good for alumni as it mainly focusses on sharing a memberlist and being able to contact others. Has good chat feature.
✘ Not good for: Hosting professional events and event communities, its more for passive communities where members are not meeting up in-person or virtually.
💲 Pricing: $4300 a year and including all features $18.3k per year
🌐 Website: https://hivebrite.com/

4. Brella

✔ Good for: Communities that want to share content & video’s and enable people to chat with each and other. Also good for hosting a virtual event now and then but not for regular meetups.
✘ Not good for: Member-led event communities as member are not able to host or create their own events.
💲 Pricing: $6000
🌐 Website: https://www.brella.io/

5. Vanilla Forums
✔ Good for: Forums where people can post and comment and chat with each and other. Also good for voting for idea’s and features. Includes a knowledge base feature.
✘ Not good for: Event Communities that run a lot of events and want members to pro-actively meetup in person or virtually.
💲Pricing: Business plan $8268/year
🌐 Website: https://vanillaforums.com/


How do these event community platforms handle data privacy and security for their users?
These event community platforms typically have robust data privacy and security measures in place to protect user information. They may use encryption, secure servers, and other technologies to safeguard data.

Are there any customization options available for the user interface of these platforms?
Yes, many event community platforms offer customization options for the user interface. Users can often personalize the look and feel of their community pages, including branding, colors, and layout.

Do these platforms offer any analytics or reporting features to track community engagement and activity?
Yes, most event community platforms provide analytics and reporting features to track community engagement and activity. Users can monitor metrics such as member participation, event attendance, and content engagement to assess the success of their community.

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