PRESS RELEASE: EventBranche switches event community "NextLive" to always-on

EventBranche is combining all of its events into one place as part of an event community with Krowden (formerly NetworkTables): events, trade shows, beach branche BBQ, conferences plus member-led sessions.

AMSTERDAM, 07 Apr 2022 –  Entering into a post-pandemic world the future of events is here EventBranche launches NextLive.Connect their community on the Krowden AO community platform – with all events now in one place.

An exciting new way to experience the EventBranche community – NextLive.Connect is now on the Krowden platform. Now there is no need to go anywhere else to find events, everything throughout the year is available in one place.

All the big hits are still there like the acclaimed Gouden Giraffe awards and the Next Event are available to sign-up right now through the new portal. Additionally, as part of the community, in-person events are back with BeachBrancheBarbecue now available by entering NextLive.

How does it work?

Eventbranche is parenting with the Krowden to bring this always-on community to life. For our members, this means you only ever need just one magic-link to enter the community, no apps, no downloads needed.

Click here to enter:

> Enter the NextLive.Connect <

Join any events you’re interested in and we’ll make sure you’re in the loop for reminders and any invoices will be handled automatically.

Why Communities?

The NextLive.Connect not only allows put everything in one place, but it also provides you with the opportunity to create your own mini-events. See a topic you’re interested in? Want to discuss an idea with peers? Create and host your own sessions every Friday for meetups, roundtables and in-depth discussions.

Have an idea for your own session? Click here to host your own community sessions.

Eventbranche is utilising the Krowden AO Community Platform to power its new community with the goal of taking year-round events to the next level.


How many events are typically included in the EventBranche community on the Krowden platform?
The EventBranche community on the Krowden platform typically includes a wide range of events, with multiple events being hosted regularly for members to participate in.

Are there any membership fees or costs associated with joining the NextLive.Connect community?
There are no membership fees or costs associated with joining the NextLive.Connect community. It is free for individuals to join and participate in the community and its events.

Can individuals outside of the event industry also participate in the community and attend events?
Yes, individuals outside of the event industry are welcome to participate in the NextLive.Connect community and attend events. The community is open to anyone interested in networking, learning, and collaborating with others in the event industry.

We don’t follow crowds, we create them.

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