PRESS RELEASE: More interest in virtual events due to coronavirus

Online events is the solution for mass cancellations

AMSTERDAM, 5th March 2020 – The arrival of the corona virus is bad news for the events industry: events are canceled, resulting in additional costs and lost business. This doesn’t need to happen, thinks Matthijs Otto, founder of Krowden (formerly NetworkTables): “You only need a new location: online!”

The time for virtual events is ripe. More and more congresses and fairs are being canceled to prevent the virus from spreading. This is a big blow to local economies, which are stimulated by major events. The associated damage is not small, for example, the cancellation of the WMC Barcelona cost an estimated 500 million euros.

From offline to online
Otto has been arguing for virtual events for years. With Krowden, he launched an innovative tool in 2015 to facilitate networking at events. In 2017, the tool was made applicable for virtual events at the request of the World Business & Executive Coaching Summit. A lucrative step: participation becomes more accessible, costs are reduced and CO2 emissions are reduced.

In the past few weeks, the company has seen a peak in the number of enquiries. Otto: “If a corona infection occurs during an event, the cost falls in the hands of the organizer. Quite a risk. The alternative is going down the virtual path, but that is a profession in itself. Almost nobody has the right technology, we do! “

Innovative tool
Krowden acts as a link between a video conferencing / webinar platform and the attendee list. The participant schedules one-to-one appointments, enrolls in workshops and presentations and interactive round table discussions. The tool removes all logistical workload from the event organiser. Meetings mainly take place via Zoom, a very fast-growing American platform for video and audio conferences.

The relevance of the innovative concept has already been proven. In less than two years, Krowden has won three prestigious awards in the international event industry: twice the Future Of Meetings Award and the Event Technology Award “Best Technology for Building Event Attendance”.

About Krowden
Krowden (2015) (formerly NetworkTables) is an online event tool, designed by event managers, that makes networking easier and more efficient at events. Clients are managers of large conferences and trade shows.

“Virtual Meetings and Conferences” interview at The Meetings Show 2018, Matthijs Otto:  


How does Krowden's tool specifically facilitate networking at virtual events?
Krowden's tool facilitates networking at virtual events by offering features such as virtual breakout rooms, one-on-one chat capabilities, and networking lounges where attendees can connect with each other in real-time.

What are some examples of events that have successfully transitioned from offline to online using Krowden's tool?
Some examples of events that have successfully transitioned from offline to online using Krowden's tool include industry conferences, trade shows, networking events, and corporate meetings. These events were able to maintain engagement and networking opportunities for attendees through the platform.

How does Krowden's tool compare to other virtual event platforms in terms of features and functionality?
Krowden's tool stands out from other virtual event platforms by offering a user-friendly interface, customizable branding options, advanced networking features, and seamless integration with popular video conferencing tools. Additionally, Krowden's tool provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities to help event organizers track engagement and measure success.

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