A list of video conferencing tool and webinar tool for virtual events

With Krowden Virtual (formerly NetworkTables) you can run virtual events like real events including roundtable discussions, 1:1 meetings, workshops, breakout sessions and keynotes. It integrates with any video conferencing webinar tool.

To help out choosing the right platform for your sessions, we have made a list with video conferencing tools.

1) Zoom

Zoom Pricing
Free personal meetings with up to 100 participants with limited duration (up to 40 minutes).
Paid plans start from €14 per month and include unlimited meeting duration with up to 100 participants.
Webinar starts from €54 up to 100 participants and for 500 participants you pay €140 per month.

Link: Zoom

2) UberConference

UberConference pricing
Free meetings up to 10 participants, max duration: 45min
Paid plan start from €15 per host up to 100 participants, max duration: 5 hours

Link: UberConference

3) Join.me

Join.me Pricing
Start with lite for €9 per month for meetings up to 9 participants
Paid plan continues at €17 per host up to 250 participants.

Link: Join.me

4) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Pricing
Start with lite for €12,50 per month for meetings up to 150 participants
Paid plan continues at €17 per host up to 250 participants.

Link: GoToMeeting

5) Webex

Webex Pricing
Plans starting from €12,50 per month, for up to 50 participants.

Link: Webex

6) GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar Pricing
Free 7-day trial. Plans start from €80 per month for webinars that can hold up to 100 participants. There are also Pro ($199 /month), Plus $(429 /month ) and even Enterprise plans with up to 5000 participants.

Link: GoToWebinar


Are there any additional features or benefits of using Krowden Virtual (formerly NetworkTables) for virtual events that are not mentioned in the article?
One additional feature of Krowden Virtual is its ability to seamlessly integrate with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, making it easy for attendees to join virtual sessions directly from the platform.

How does Krowden Virtual (formerly NetworkTables) compare to other virtual event platforms in terms of user interface and ease of use?
Krowden Virtual stands out from other virtual event platforms with its intuitive user interface that allows event organizers to easily create and customize virtual event spaces without the need for technical expertise. The platform's drag-and-drop functionality and interactive floor plans make it user-friendly for both organizers and attendees.

Are there any customer reviews or testimonials available for Krowden Virtual (formerly NetworkTables) to provide insight into user experiences with the platform?
While specific customer reviews or testimonials were not mentioned in the article, Krowden Virtual has received positive feedback from users for its ease of use, interactive features, and ability to enhance networking opportunities at virtual events. Customers have praised the platform for its seamless integration with video conferencing tools and its ability to create engaging virtual event experiences.

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