rebrands as Krowden to disrupt the event networking & matchmaking app market.

23 November, Amsterdam - Krowden, a software tool for event organizers, is proud to announce the rebranding of its former name, The origin of the new name, Krowden, is “network” at the reverse, and its goal is to help event organizers engage and connect their crowds.

Krowden is designed to help event organizers save time and money by providing smart event matchmaking, agenda booking tools and a leading always-on community platform to increase event efficiency and reduce costs. Its intuitive user interface provides a comprehensive set of features to help event organizers manage their events with ease.

While in 2014 the company introduced the unique innovation of “visually pre-seating yourself at roundtables before attending an event”, it has launched two new successful innovations in recent years. The concept of Topic Based Matchmaking in which attendees schedule 1-to-1 meetings or group discussions based on Topics. Plus, the concept of Always-On events - event communities that never stop. Creating “a self-service event community in which members create their own mini-knowledge sessions”. According to the founder, Matthijs Otto, this way they disrupt the event matchmaking and event community platform market with concepts that have 10x better results.

“We literrally have grown past our company name. The name Krowden reflects exactly what we currently became as a company over the past 9 years - we became world experts in connecting crowds, and not only at tables. You can call us a tool or a way of connecting. The experience we gained and hyperfocus on one specific thing “networking” makes us the best in market” - Matthijs Otto, CEO & Founder, Krowden.

Event tech integration and growth
After growing through the pre, during and after covid period the company sees a bright future ahead. The company currently experiences a huge demand from event associations, event-apps, ticketing platforms and event branding companies that embed & whitelabel Krowden’s smart solutions into their offerings. ”In the event tech market for event matchmaking this niche-strategy gives us a unique position towards any competition that is focussing too much on all-in-one solutions. They could save years with our embedded solution that they can integrate within minutes.” - Matthijs Otto, CEO & Founder, Krowden.

About the Platform
The platform’s features include a powerful automated emailing system, a robust tracking attendance system, integrated connectivity to Zapier to speed up processes with up to +5000 integrations, and a suite of analytics and reporting tools to provide event organizers with detailed insights into their events. 

Krowden also offes a wide range of customization options, allowing event organizers to tailor their events to their specific needs. 

The platform also provides event organizers with the ability to manage their events in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Chinese. 

In addition to its features, Krowden also offers a wide range of support and services for event organizers. Its knowledgeable support team is available to provide assistance with any questions or issues that may arise.

Krowden is available for event organizers worldwide.


How does Krowden's platform specifically help event organizers save time and money?
Krowden's platform streamlines the event planning process by providing tools for event organizers to easily manage registrations, communicate with attendees, and track event analytics. This automation saves time and reduces the need for manual tasks, ultimately saving money on labor costs.

Can event organizers using Krowden customize their events in terms of branding and design?Yes, event organizers using Krowden can customize their events to reflect their branding and design preferences. The platform offers options for customizing event pages, registration forms, and communication templates to ensure a cohesive and branded experience for attendees. What sets Krowden apart from other event matchmaking and community platform providers in the market?Krowden stands out from other event matchmaking and community platform providers by offering a comprehensive solution that combines event planning, attendee engagement, and community building tools in one platform. Additionally, Krowden's user-friendly interface and robust features make it easy for event organizers to create and manage successful events.

We don’t follow crowds, we create them.

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