PRESS RELEASE: Community with hundreds of online knowledge sessions for event proffesional

Eventbranche & Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) launch Krowden Connect – The Online Community for Event Professionals

Community with hundreds of online knowledge sessions for event professionals

At the moment everyone in the event industry has the same pressing questions: What to do with cancellations? What schemes are there for employees? What are the options for online events? How do I keep my business running? and first media partner are therefore launching Krowden Connect Online, an international open online community for event professionals. You can now register for free and participate in online sessions via

Within the online community, which initially already consists of more than 6000 event professionals from more than 40 countries, several knowledge sessions are offered every week at which event professionals can strengthen their knowledge, insights and networks online. The power of the platform? It is open to everyone: an organizer can host their own session and the guest can participate in sessions of their choice for free. ‘Whether you want to organize a meeting, an online workshop, round tables, 1: 1 ask me anything sessions, keynotes or even the weekly knowledge quiz online, your online session will be live in no time,’ says Matthijs Otto of Krowden, the award-winning network tool that allows physical events to take place as completely virtual events.

The online meetings take place in virtual locations, known as Zoom rooms. If an organizer has its own video stream or online location, these can be fitted via the platform. “More and more companies and organizers are now opting for online variants of live events. A completely new experience, which requires completely new knowledge. completely removes these barriers with this online community and ensures that your live event is turned into an online event in less than an hour, “says Robin van Leeuwen of partner Van Leeuwen immediately explains why supports this online community: “The online community is a crossroads of all types of online sessions where knowledge, visions and networks are central. Super interesting for event professionals and clients. “

This online community is the culmination of many years of experience and hundreds of customers using Krowden products around the world: Since 2016, Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) has been facilitating online events and communities, with one  online summit hosting 34,000 participants, in more than 400 roundtables and workshops annually. Since 2018 we have been promoting the organization of virtual events. Suddenly everyone wants to use our tool for virtual events and 20-30 online events are set up daily. A large portion of these will go live with their first events, “said Matthijs Otto of

The first knowledge sessions will be online from 2 April. Registration is already open for the free weekly sessions. So take a quick look at

About Krowden

NetworkTables (2015) (formerly NetworkTables) is an online event tool, designed by event managers, that makes networking easier and more efficient at events. Customers are managers of large conferences and fairs. Krowden (formerly NetworkTables) Virtual acts as a link between a video conferencing / webinar platform and the attendee list. The participant schedules one-on-one appointments, subscribes to workshops and presentations and interactive round table discussions. Meetings take place primarily through Zoom, a very fast growing US video and audio conferencing platform.

About (2010) has grown in 10 years into the leading media platform for event professionals and clients. ProefMedia BV the company behind has, in addition to this title, with hundreds of tips for event organizers. Also the Golden Giraffe, the BeachBrancheBarbecue, The Next Event, EventBrancheLIVE and for example the EventBranche Congress. This makes and the place where clients of event marketing, live communication and experience marketing come into contact with the knowledge and vision of event professionals. The various media reach 50,000 professionals every month.


How does Krowden Connect Online differ from other online communities for event professionals?
Krowden Connect Online stands out from other online communities for event professionals by offering a unique platform that focuses on knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration specifically tailored for the event industry. The platform provides a space for professionals to connect, learn from each other, and stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

Are there any specific qualifications or requirements for event professionals to participate in the online knowledge sessions?
There are no specific qualifications or requirements for event professionals to participate in the online knowledge sessions offered by Krowden Connect Online. The platform is open to all professionals in the event industry, including event planners, coordinators, vendors, and suppliers, who are looking to expand their knowledge, network with peers, and enhance their skills.

How does Krowden Connect Online ensure the security and privacy of participants during the virtual events?
Krowden Connect Online takes the security and privacy of participants during virtual events seriously. The platform uses secure encryption protocols to protect user data and information shared during sessions. Additionally, access to the online events is restricted to registered participants only, and measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

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